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We aren't the sort of organization that likes to say, "We told you so." Okay, that was a lie. We totally are.
By Steven DeKosky, University of Florida
The description of the accomplished multi-tasking warrior often competes with a similar story about distractions and an inability to focus; I suppose your narrative choice has to deal more with the subject in question, a mom trying to juggle work
By Walter Boot, Florida State University
A new study in Translational Psychiatry sought to elucidate whether reduced telomere length (TL) is associated with childhood trauma in those with schizophrenia (SZ) and bipo
Addiction is a complex phenomenon. Genetic, physiological, cultural, and socioeconomic factors all appear to play a role.
Imagine walking down a city sidewalk in winter. It's dark, wet, cold. You come across a man aged well beyond his years staggering along, grasping a wall so he doesn't fall down.
It's obvious to just about anyone who is paying attention -- and to most biologists, in particular -- that there are some very important differences between men and women that go far beyond the concentrations of their hormones and the shapes of th
In an effort to quell the spread of health misinformation, social media company Pinterest is thwarting the capacity to make vaccine-related searches on its platform.
A "Kinsley gaffe" -- named after political commentator Michael Kinsley who elaborated on the subject -- is when a politician accidentally tells the truth.
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