Every Picture Tells A Story - Covid Treatments

While for COVID, as with all diseases, an ounce of prevention, the vaccination, is worth a pound of cure, Paxlovid, there are other treatments. The website, Information is Beautiful, designs infographics – in this case, for the many therapies helpful and not. The size of the circle is an indication of media attention.



We can ignore the left side of the graphic, which only will serve to inflame old battles where everyone is thoroughly entrenched.

More to follow on the other side of the picture


There are a few quick points.

  • Vitamin D, a perennial favorite for “what ails you,” irrespective of the ailment, seems to be a bridesmaid, not the bride once again.
  • Stem cells, a pricey option, is at best tentative.
  • Convalescent plasma has had mixed reviews, probably because it was not as concentrated and focused as it needed to be; monoclonal antibodies, its more concentrated biosimilar is a widely accepted treatment.
  • Dexamethasone was tried early in the pandemic as physicians tried everything they had at the problem; Dexamethasone was the one thing that worked and rapidly became a standard of care for the hospitalized.
  • Paxlovid is now our most effective treatment.

You should visit the website because that infographic is interactive, allowing you to see the underlying information that formed the basis of their visualization. For those with the time, here is a link to another infographic detailing the WHO’s recommended medical workflow – which patients should receive which of these treatments.  


Source: Information is Beautiful