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I began by dismissing the term "GMO" as a meaningless pseudo-category, emphasizing that genetic modification is a seamless continuum that has been practiced for centuries.
I was a big fan of the series by James Burke, a science historian, called Connections, which described mutualism in the dance between scientific achievements and history, how they interconnect and build upon one another in ways more reminiscent of
Non-profit hospitals have very small margins and often report losses in their day-to-day operations when feeding at the federal trough.
    I’ve written so much about food labeling. As it turns out, the term “plant-based” is so 2023!
We treat sports Gambling differently because the State is addicted to the revenue and ignores the cost.
Climate Change This issue has been with us for decades and now results in much wringing of hands and gnashing of teeth. My concerns include the need to consider energy systems globally rather than locally.
“Once pretty, vivacious young women in their late teens and early twenties awaiting marriage and children, one by one, they sickened.
As some of you know, my husband and I relocated back to the US in April.
“On 24 November 1922, the Colorado River Commission officially allocated water rights to the seven U.S. states of the Colorado River Basin.
My “favorites” are those that I felt might contribute to a better understanding of critical issues; I apologize if I tend to love the newer ones best.  
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