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I have mixed feelings toward self-checkout; perhaps you do too.
“In practical terms, “content creator” neatly accomplishes two things at once: It lets people who make garbage think they’re making art, and tells people who make art that they’re making garbage.”
Is the science behind vaccines valid? Some feel it is fatally flawed – vaccination places us all at greater risk than the diseases they were developed to prevent.
“What do government cheese, a war on emus, and chicken cannibalism have in common?
If you were a boy of a certain age and time, say the late 50s and early 60s then you know Spy vs. Spy. But the back story is wonderful to read now that I am older.
We all need sleep; it is a biological imperative right up there with eating and reproducing. A recent study I reported indicated that we sleep 9.1 hours a day.
The most important part of the art of medicine is the relationship between the physician and patient. More and more, for clear and unknown reasons, we are abandoning these long-term relationships for the currently available provider.
Much has been made of the peer review system over the years. It’s simultaneously described as elitist, echoing the Ivory Tower while also protecting us from cranks and bad science.
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