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Are we plant blind? Artificial heart Thinking Out Loud to Yourself Academia, metaphorically speaking
Advances in technology will continue to affect our lives in myriad ways. Technology Review magazine recently picked ten of the potentially most important ones. Let's see what we have to look forward to.
ChatCGP did a pretty good job when I asked it some chemistry questions. How does it handle random stupid questions? Not so well.
A few years ago, I consciously decided to forgo eating octopus because it was "too intelligent.” But I continue to eat pork, arguably as intelligent because it is “so tasty.” That led – tongue firmly in cheek – to the taste-to-intelligence ratio test.
Whenever I think of Teddy Roosevelt, I imagine a hyper-talkative exuberant extrovert. He was known as an environmentalist, historian, and writer, but sadly his contributions to public health are obscured by his “larger than life” personality.
The misinformation about the 2016 and 2020 elections and the misinformation about COVID’s origins and treatments are responsible for our disarray. That, at least, is what many of us believe, even though what is “disarrayed” differs quite a bit between MSNBC and FOX. Is misinformation so powerful that it overcomes the truth? Or is there something about human behavior that makes misinformation seem more powerful than truth? A new study suggests the fault lies more within us than “in our stars.”
It was “Wall Street,” the movie released 36 years ago, that popularized thoughts about greed. But of course, greed has been a driver in politics and society for far longer. A new study looks at how U.S. senators speak of greed in their 280-character utterances that we call Tweets.
To meet the needs of local anglers, local and state governments often restock and replenish lakes with fish. Is that the best, sustainable way to create a healthy fish population? Might the answer tell us something about sustainably replenishing ourselves?
The language police The printing press Are we working too little or too much? Will a nap help?
Sy Syms was right "An educated consumer is our best customer." Growing Old Tainted Money
Due to the ban on glyphosate by some cities and municipalities across the US, more and more fish and wildlife habitats are in danger. That is because glyphosate is the most effective tool for eradicating invasive plants that are destroying many native species. Without glyphosate, our country risks losing more and more critical wildlife and wetland habitats. Although everybody decries bad science, few people have considered the actual harm that can occur when faulty science is accepted as conventional wisdom.     
The Pew Organization wanted to see who the American public trusted, so they asked a sample of citizens. Having rounded up the usual suspects, there may be no surprises, but as always, our views can be conflicted.