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“In 2018, scientists discovered a new organ (?) in the human body. You’d think after centuries of cutting ourselves open, we’d know the intimate details of the structures within us by now.
Our conversation begins with the emergence of sub-variant of Omicron EG.5 and its impact, particularly in large cities like Manhattan.
Welcome to another installment of the J-Man Chronicles, an unwanted occasional feature – hatched by a fruitless attempt to be clever – during which time you will:
Determining vehicle miles traveled ideally comes directly from odometer readings. Data collected from the federal National Household Travel Survey suggested that plug-in EVs logged about two-thirds of the miles of CVs.
I freely admit that I am of a certain age when tattoos have a slightly guilty-sexy tinge mixed with the image of sailors with a tattoo on each bicep. I am not alone in that misbelief.
Without muscles, we could not move. The surface area of the intestines is as large as a tennis court. Without skin, all of our parts would fall out.
One of the better moments in the pandemic was when the public health advice suggested we get outside into the greater outdoors.
I am a huge fan of The Fourth Turning, a consideration of whether there is a cycle to history – are our times linear, circular, or, as they claim, spiral?
    “VUCA stands for Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity.
I just wrote the other day about willful ignorance, another of our human behaviors, so when I ran across this study in PNAS, I was curious about what they fo
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