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Given Seattle's solid reputation for rain, it must be one of the wettest cities in America, right? Actually, it's not even close. As it turns out, among the nation's 50 largest cities in terms of precipitation Seattle doesn't even rank in the top half. However, it is tied with Buffalo for the nation's dreariest.
One of ACSH's missions is to change the media narrative about science and health. Too often, the media publishes "click bait" with the intention of scaring people or promoting a new food fad. That does a disservice to the public. We aim to rectify this by getting quoted in as many media outlets as possible, and here's where we appeared recently.
The questions keep coming. All sorts of questions. These days, they often revolve around some video that claims to have the answer to health problems, no matter what these may be. People want to know, "can this be true?" Invariably, the answer is no.
Happy New Year from all of us at ACSH! We hope that 2019 has started well for all of you. Here at the American Council on Science and Health, we have been back to work, advocating for good science. Here's where our work has been featured in recent days.
The current party season is winding down. Sociologists believe parties provide more than a drink and a snack, they can create the circumstances for serendipity to change your life.
From forensic science to bioethics and societal issues, this rather eclectic mix reveals what captivates us and captures our attention.
Sociologists have studied the diffusion of ideas and knowledge for decades. A new study shows that the eminence of the source has a greater impact than the quality of the idea. That makes the rich richer -- and society poorer.
Have you started your Christmas and/or holiday shopping? If you're like us, you're putting it off to the last minute – because you're too busy with other things. Here at ACSH, we've been busy telling the world about science. Here's where we've appeared recently.
Raccoons certainly exhibit behaviors of both domesticated animals. On the one hand, like dogs, they live in packs. But not always. Raccoons (especially males) go through a phase when they live alone, just like most cats. But actually, this is a trick question. They're more like bears!
Has the radioactive fallout from Chernobyl created mutant animals? Rich Kozlovich from the Paradigms and Demographics blog site doesn't think so.
The last season of Game of Thrones is almost upon us. A group of researchers has looked at the chances of dying in the previous seven seasons. Spoiler alert: Do not sell life insurance to prominent, loyal, males.
The Holiday Season is in full swing, and we here at the American Council on Science and Health continue our fight on behalf of good science! Here's where we appeared in recent days.