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Precocious puberty may not be about endocrine disrupters at all File this report on baseball under “perfection is the enemy of good.” We all work for Elon Musk when we Tweet The McRib is Back, is that Good?
Welcome to another edition of The J-Man Chronicles where we can guarantee that you'll never find anything the slightest bit useful, but quite possibly amusing and probably offensive. Today it's the Penis Drawing Plane and how not to get a leg extension.
The Fungus among us Standup comedy as an evolutionary advantage The GOAT pays it forward one more time, Ali and Parkinson’s Did Garlic Protect Rasputin?
What’s Science got to do with it? - Science and policy Luxury surveillance - we willing put on "ankle monitors" and often pay a premium
Ready for some serious idiocy? Hope so because a new feature, The J-Man Chronicles – a demented version of Chuck Dinerstein's "What I'm Reading" – was designed with idiocy in mind. This week it's oversized arse wipes and used (but returnable) diet soda. Don't blame me.
The real art of the deal Being conscious is different from being awake Should we stop teaching algebra? Reality is an illusion.
Swing, “an intangible rhythmic momentum in jazz,” give the music movement, especially in the back and forth between the soloist and the group. For professional musicians, it is a bit like pornography, meaning they can’t define it but know it when they hear it. A group of physicists thinks they know the why of swing.
Is our ability to make judgments and focus a matter of willpower or is it like a muscle that can be exercised and strengthened? Could neither be the case? A new study suggests that our ability to make judgments is more chemistry than "strength."
Renewables Let’s talk about Puerto Rico Becoming a master The greatest engine of social justice, human rights, and equality
Forming Lines The real Pinocchio Breeding a happier chicken Shhh!
Here is the narrative: if we reduce manmade greenhouse gases and their companion aerosols, like PM2.5, we will reduce global warming and improve our health. Unfortunately, the climate is a bit more complex. Our best plans come with unintended consequences. A new study shows that reducing those manmade aerosols also increases the “climate forcing” bringing about global warming.
A Modern History of Bail Streetlights illuminating the Street, and some unwarranted (?) surveillance Calling people names stifles understanding. Presentism - wokeness reinterprets history