Parents & Kids

It might be time for a pendulum shift if we hope to embolden today’s children with resilience.
There seems to be a formula for selling books in the medical space which serves as a catalyst for media coverage, self-appointed expertise for speaking fees and ultimate product sales. In the pediatric realm, it is especially rampant.
I had the distinct pleasure of presenting at Komen’s Pink, Purple Strength and Unity Conference on coping with a breast cancer diagnosis and how best to
A Facebook memory popped up with the picture accompanying this article. The act alone changed my entire mood, filling it with laughter and warming my heart. That picture was taken the day I returned to work after a vacation.
As a glass half full and “why limit your world view to a glass anyway” kind of person, I am always partial to common sense tips that allow us to enjoy holidays by keeping us safe while not preoccupying us with endless worry.
Now, Disney Princesses and films are under attack.
There are a lot of public plays albeit via media outlets, advocacy groups or the like, positioning childbirth as a debate.
Parenting young children can take its toll. Frequent breaks or naps wherever you may land, for even the most “prepared” and dedicated, are often a lifeline - especially for those not used to doing a residency where lost sleep is a mainstay.
In a surprising turn, media outlets just began reporting that Procter & Gamble, the maker of Pampers diapers, has been steathily removing and replacing Sesame Street characters on their product since the start of the summer.
A new paper grabs media attention by suggesting household chemicals cause obesity in babies - and it does so by changing the gut microbiota, whatever that is.