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At just three months old and with no warning, my older brother—my parents' first child—died in his sleep at the babysitter's house, a tragic case of a very rare condition called sudden infant d
Breastfeeding is the natural alternative to commercial infant formulas.
If you're a parent, the chances are good that you know at least one other parent who worries about everything: toxic baby food, pesticides, stranger danger, drug use, COVID—you name it, they're worried it's going to kill their children.
I wrote the other day about the effects of “chemosignals,” scents or odors from a newborn's scalp on aggression by their mothers and fathers.
Pheromones are air-borne signals transmitted between members of the same species.
Bad baby advice is ubiquitous, it seems. You can find it in every corner of the internet, sometimes proffered by well-meaning but misinformed parenting groups on social media, but more often by websites with ulterior motives.
Are new parents feeding their children baby foods chock-full of “toxic heavy metals”?
A month before my son was born, I started making difficult phone calls to family and friends.
“Good advice, good advice. Good advice costs nothing, and it's worth the price,” sang comedian and musician ">Allan Sherman in 1964.
My wife and I welcomed our first child into the world this week. If you're a parent, you know there's nothing like it. I wouldn't trade my experiences over the last year for anything in the world.
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