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Would any of these findings surprise you?
When my wife and I found out she was pregnant with our first child, our thinking about food safety seemed to shift overnight. Fears that we once disregarded suddenly morphed into potential threats we had to assess for our son's sake.
COVID-19 seems to be less of a problem for children, with far lower hospitalizations and deaths than for any other age group. So why are they not back in school or daycare?
They begin with guiding principles, 
Infants and toddlers spend 80-90% of their time indoors.
According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the “American food supply is among the safest in the world.” But if you read t
Anti-vaccination advocates hold many beliefs, from the thoroughly discredited allegations of Dr. Wakefield to concerns that vaccination somehow abridges religious freedom.
Reading is a pleasurable requirement for writers. I recognize that I kick it old school, I like the physicality of a book in hand, screens, for me, are pale simulacra.
We tend to medicalize some human activity, we have advice on diet and exercise, but home birth, under the watchful eye of mid-wives, is still looked at askance. Are home births as safe as hospital births for both mother and baby?