Substance-abuse counselors helping teens and young adults combat addiction are not prioritizing smoking cessation, according to a new study. This should be improved, given the tragic consequences of smoking in the long-term.
One tactic promulgated by anti-smoking advocates over the years has been lowering the nicotine content of cigarettes to less-addictive levels. A new study by one such advocate seems to show that method will not help reduce the toll of smoking.
The official public health mantra for smokers trying to quit is, Stick with the FDA-approved products; stay away from e-cigarettes. This, despite their terrible track record. Now, yet another study shows that NRT patches do not help smokers quit.
Good news: teen smoking rates continue trend of significant decline! Even better news: about 90 percent of smokers start in their teens, so this result is a strongly positive omen of the future decline in overall smoking rates.
In a first-of-its-kind study, e-cigarettes proved equal or superior to nicotine patches in helping smokers quit, but those who used e-cigs were far more enthusiastic about them than those who used the patches.