Organic Food

How many people around the world are currently living in poverty? The World Bank reports that a little over 9%, or approximately 720 million people, are subsisting on less than US$2.15 a day. 

As I discussed in Part 1, many Americans have begun to seek “authenticity” in many aspects of their lives.  There’s nothing wrong with that unless in the process they are misled by special interests’ false claims that cause them to be endange

A Brief History of the Organic Movement

The easiest method I found to grade a web sites potential reliability was to do a word search for popular categories I was very familiar with, such as organic vs.

Pick just about any newspaper or journal and during the course of a year, one or more articles will be devoted to the benefits (or not) of organic foods and the downsides (or not) of conventionally grown food with pesticides and herbicides.

Scaring old people is a time-tested strategy to scrounge up votes ("He'll take away your Medicare!") or to steal money ("Your Social Security number has been compromised. Please send payment.")

How do you know when a "study" isn't really a study? When the people who performed it wrote up a brochure hyping its results before actually bothering to publish a scientific paper.

One of our missions at ACSH is to change the media narrative about science and health. Too often, the media publishes "click bait" with the intention of scaring people or promoting a new food fad. That does a disservice to the public.