tylenol toxicity

A large study just found that there was little, or no, evidence of cancer linked to the use of hair dye. But one of the most common dyes, para-phenylenediamine, could be reasonably expected by a chemist to be carcinogenic because of the conditions used in the dying process. Even though it's not. Here's why.
Tylenol-stuffed mouse bombs dropped in Guam. Back-seat skeleton drivers, and if you gotta go it might as well be from a yummy cake. And a gratuitous shot at J&J. Here's your Screwball Science News of the Week.
People all over the world pop Tylenol like candy corn without a second thought, so it must be pretty safe, right? Hardly. The drug can be lethal when taken in a dose that isn't all that much higher than the dose you might take for flu or a headache. Perhaps more surprising, a bottle of 50 Tylenol pills will probably kill you while a bottle of 500 Valium will probably not.