weight loss

Can people be motivated to change their behavior to improve their health? Encouraging weight loss by financially rewarding individuals isn't particularly effective. But a new study suggests that using a "stick," with fines that penalize inactivity, just might be more effective than a dangling the money "carrot."
How to motivate obese people to lose weight is a really hard nut to crack. While there are many weight-loss strategies available from dieting guidelines to surgery over one-third of Americans are obese. And according to a new study, providing monetary incentives at work isn't the magic bullet, either.
Bariatric surgery is currently the most effective means of weight loss for the extremely obese; some types have even been shown to cause remission of diabetes. But these benefits occur with some downsides, which people should be aware of before choosing this type of treatment.
In this space we've covered numerous research articles about dieting and weight loss especially those that evaluate the effects of low fat or low carbohydrate diets (most recently here and here). Although it might seem that the topic has been thoroughly covered, there are apparently still unanswered questions.
Here's the skinny on artificial sweeteners: The science says low-energy sweeteners, consumed in place of real sugar, can be beneficial to health and weight loss. And the best part is that we have been saying this for years.
So-called "dietary-nutritional supplements" are almost entirely unregulated, yet millions of Americans ingest them. A new study finds that over 20,000 ER visits each year and 2,000+ hospitalizations are attributable to such products. Just say no!
Time to stop counting calories? Really? Doctors say some dietary changes are more important for reducing heart disease. But can t we do both?
Every new diet promises amazing results better sleep, weight loss, and overall rejuvenation. But as with most diet fads, even after an initial weight loss, the pounds creep back up. Gluten-free and paleo diets are no exception to this. In fact, unless you have a gluten sensitivity, you are losing valuable nutrients by jumping on the bandwagon. Watch more Friday Fad Day segments here.
A well-controlled, head-to-head comparison of low fat and low carbohydrate diets reveals (to no one s amazement) that there isn t much difference between them when it comes to weight loss.
Unless you re living under a rock, you must be aware that overweight and obesity are rampant among the American population, and that these conditions (especially obesity) are linked to a myriad of chronic ills such as type 2 diabetes and heart disease.
The latest in health news: Why a sedentary lifestyle is deadly, but pizza consumption isn't, and Dr. Ross's latest op-ed in The Daily Caller discussing the sad state of our nation's public health when it comes to stemming the toll of cigarette smoking.
It should come as no surprise to our Dispatch readers that we have a real problem with the ever-changing, bogus world of dietary supplements. Although these allegedly non-medicines make cleverly disguised non-claims about utility for just about every human malady real or imagined the most popular of these useless