Food & Nutrition

Over-the-top rhetoric is not only prevalent in our political dialogue, it is also commonly adopted by epidemiologists and journalists. Instead of Hitler, they compare anything they dislike to smoking.
Researchers recently conducted a small study that showed promise for weight loss if you took part in a cheat day from your diet. Be careful, though, the plan can backfire.  
We expect physicians to give us scientifically sound advice on health. But some have taken the low road, leaving medicine for a career of quackery and self-promotion.
Someone considering bariatric surgery, specifically the so-called Roux-en-Y procedure, will be glad to know that the benefits are long-lasting, according to a new study. Those who underwent it not only maintained much of their weight loss for at least 12 years, they also were less likely to develop type 2 diabetes than equally-obese people who didn't have that surgery.
Love it or hate it, kale is now omnipresent in modern life. And it may perhaps be the plague of the 21st century. Just because it's disgusting doesn't mean it's worthless, like some rather interesting chemistry that explains why you have to give this stuff a rubdown.
Texans who drank raw milk from a dairy near Fort Worth could be at risk of developing brucellosis — a bacterial infection that can have multiple deleterious effects. Raw milk is not better than pasteurized milk in terms of nutrition, and certainly not in terms of safety!  
We sometimes think that if you give people true, scientific information they will listen. But then that theory is blown away by a reality check, such as with the case of an Australian man who continued to take supplements derived from apricot kernels – that doctors told him was giving him chronic cyanide poisoning.
Exercise is good for us, and inactivity isn't. A new study emphasizes that not only is that true, but the pattern of inactivity – as well as the amount of inactive time – can increase the risk of mortality.
Pumpkin season is here, but it's more than just a fad. There's a bit of science behind why we're so obsessed with pumpkin spice everything!
Tired of the same ole boring ways to contract food-borne illness? Look no further than chicken tartare: raw, seasoned chicken, now served at restaurants near you. 
A high school student who makes bad grades is not only setting himself up for professional failure; he's also likely making lifestyle choices that will put him on a course to bad health.
A new survey from Michigan State University provides a somewhat depressing glimpse of the current understanding of food by the American public. And this is particularly disturbing because younger folks are less well informed than their elders.