Food & Nutrition

If you want to lose weight – excluding all fad diets – how should you eat? A new study suggests that it's more effective to choose foods with lower calories than to try to simply eat less of everything.
Foodborne illness happens; it's one of the hazards of eating. But when a company makes a concerted effort to claim its food is holy and righteous – while everybody else serves poison – management shouldn't be surprised when public backlash is severe. It's entirely predictable, self-inflicted and deserved.  
Multinational conglomerate Groupe Danone's Stonyfield Organic Yogurt fills kids' heads with anti-science beliefs.
While Gary Hirshberg is a marketing genius, in a #MeToo world even those on his side of the political spectrum have been calling Stonyfield out for sexism. The vitriol stems from its newest anti-science commercial, one that features little girls – and the message that girls can't understand science.
Another product for suckers. Bulletproof-360 Coffee, brought to you by David (Avocado) Wolfe, easily one of the most annoying people on the planet. Does it really work? Will you really be bulletproof? Enough so to piss off narcoterrorists just to see what happens? Oh, and the company has had two products recalled in the past seven months. Maybe not such a good idea after all.
One of the worst junk science trends in recent years is for grocery stores and restaurants to claim that they serve "clean food." Obviously, the not-so-subtle message is that everybody else is serving poison, so to be safe, you better eat their food. It's well past time to put aside the snobbish notion that eating clean, local, organic food makes you a superior, healthier human.
While obesity has been reliably linked to many serious health problems – such as diabetes, heart disease, and some cancers – there's a minority of obese people who are metabolically healthy. A new study points to physical fitness as being a key component in these folks' avoidance of some of the usual obesity-linked health issues.
When your doctor insists that you must exercise, that's often received as necessary drudgery. But what if that mandate was to go out and play? A new European study found that recreational soccer can lower "blood pressure, fat mass, and LDL cholesterol" regardless of age or gender, and can do so "after only 12 weeks of training." 
A new meta-analysis published in the journal Sleep Medicine found that middle-aged adults who suffered from insomnia, nightmares and regular bouts of broken sleep were more likely to face cognitive impairment in their later years.
Sometimes spoiled foods smell bad, warning us not to eat them. But sometimes contamination with bacteria or degradation because of being held too long or at the wrong temperature aren't obvious. And thus consuming raw foods can be a bit like Russian roulette. A new method —a bioelectronic nose — of testing raw seafood, especially oysters, has been devised and could help prevent at least some cases of food-borne illness.
If all the early hype is true, then Amazon Go, the giant retailer's new high-tech store, is a food shopper's dream. Just think, no money, no credit/debit cards. Just you and your smartphone (with the app, of course). While it's surely a technological wonder, what it's not is a supermarket.
The rules governing customer risk and the responsibilities of Colorado ski resorts have placed the burden squarely on skiers and snowboarders. So in terms of skier safety, exercising greater caution on the slopes is now even more important than ever before.
Actress Zooey Deschanel has a new startup — The Farm Project. In her latest video episode she urges consumers to stop buying produce from the grocery store — unless it's organic.