Food & Nutrition

Some say that energy drinks are the worst thing that you can do to your body, and that they cause everything from nausea to seizures. But the fears are overdone. Way overdone. Here's why.
Two physicians studied the effect of Thunder Mountain, a Disney World roller coaster, on kidney stones. They wanted to know whether these crystals, that form in the organ, would move due to forces outside the body. Here's what they found.
Vegans avoid eating animal products for many reasons — including supposed nutritional and environmental benefits. But while animals might be grateful, some people who are getting priced out of the market for high protein grains and some vegetable products most likely are not.
The business of sleep continues to break new ground. To what end, that's hard to say. Here are some hi-tech sheets, mattresses, pillows and other products to consider, that one manufacturer and one NBA team say is worth added cost. 
Some new research may fuel a diet craze — for whole eggs of all things. A study in young men indicates that after resistance exercise, eating whole eggs promotes new muscle formation better than just eating egg whites, even when the amount of protein is the same.
A swallowable capsule may be useful in identifying transit time in the gut as well as the bacteria present. It is a new, simpler way to investigate our gut microbiome. 
Food deserts are communities that lack a supermarket. Does a supermarket entering this neighborhood improve nutritional purchases? Food policy experts say yes, but our purchases say no. 
Jumping into near-freezing water in a summer bathing suit can seem to many simply as a harmless, quasi-crazy act of frivolity and personal expression. But it's not without risk. That's because it also produces "cold-shock," which under some circumstances can actually be fatal. So just know the risks before taking the plunge.
Back from maternity leave, Ana Dolaskie shares her thoughts on why most resolutions fail, and key factors in the ones that succeed.
Advertising of tobacco products on TV and radio has been verboten since 1971 to reduce the appeal of such products — especially to kids. That, of course, was long before the age of the internet, and a new study finds that online tobacco marketing is linked to an increased risk that adolescents will start using these products.
Whether it involves closing your eyes, drinking a hot beverage by the mug or basking in the warmth of dry heat, these activities are among a handful of easy ways to improve your health in the coming year (as well as those to come). 
This isn't really about fat cats — the real ones or the rich ones. Rather, it's about the results of being overweight or obese. According to the CDC, there are 13 types of cancer linked to obesity. And as one might expect, as the prevalence of obesity increases so does the prevalence of these cancers.