Podcast: Marijuana—Worse Than We Thought? The Benefits (And Risks) Of Obesity Drugs

By Cameron English — Dec 14, 2022
A recent study found that marijuana smoke may cause emphysema. The problem? The study was complete garbage. Celebrities and social-media "influencers" are hyping the weight-loss benefits of repurposed diabetes drugs. Should these medicines really be used to slim down? It's complicated.
Image by reidy68 via Pixabay

Join host Cameron English as he sits down Dr. Chuck Dinerstein to break down these stories on episode 29 of the Science Dispatch podcast:

“In a new analysis of medical records, cannabis smokers had higher rates of a certain type of emphysema than tobacco smokers.” It's another attention-grabbing headline that fails to tell the whole story. Let’s skip the public relations version and consider the study's findings.

Ozempic, a drug indicated for Type 2 diabetes, has become the latest weight-loss darling. Not since ivermectin has a drug gained so much interest from its off-label uses. Let’s take a deeper look at the science and a regulatory conundrum.

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