binge drinking

We're used to thinking that men typically drink more than women. That's still true but it may not continue to be so if current trends are an indication of future behaviors. Based on survey data, nearly half of all women reported consuming alcohol within the previous month, a finding which is up from 10 years earlier. Meanwhile, for men, tipping a drink, dipped.
Thanks to movies like Animal House, American Pie, and Old School, binge drinking in college has been tightly woven into the fabric of our society. Unfortunately, binge drinking is not as glamorous as Van Wilder makes it seem. Instead it is a major problem for public health. Each year 2,000 college aged kids die from alcohol related deaths. Another 600,000 are seriously injured. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, 4 out of 5 college students
Excessive alcohol consumption has long been considered a major health problem in our society, especially amongst the young. We here at ACSH have spoken many times before about the detrimental effects it has on the body, including liver, brain and heart, as well as the destructive
A few years ago, the FDA mandated that four companies remove their alcoholic energy drinks from the market after concluding that the products were unsafe and illegal. Now, a group of researchers at the Australian National University s Centre for
Binge drinking among adolescents has long been on the radar as a public health concern. However, it is also a concern for working age adults. A new study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that excessive drinking accounts for about one in ten deaths
The consumption and abuse of alcohol are important topics for Americans health. Alcohol is in fact that most commonly abused substance in our nation and the world, with immense health ramifications. So why do only one-sixth of adults recall discussing the subject with a healthcare professional?
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Drinking among adolescents has long been on the radar as a public health concern. This is especially concerning when it comes to binge drinking, which in addition to