Polluted air can acutely affect public health, whether from fires, disasters, or stagnant weather conditions. Such effects are often characterized as premature mortality in terms of body counts, as are accidents and house fires.

Doctors made house calls in the days when they had a small range of medications and therapies to offer and didn’t have immediate access to X-rays or ultrasounds.

Perhaps you’ve seen Hoarders on cable TV and joined in as viewers experienced the trauma of hoarders giving up their possessions.

Hardly a day passes without a report of some new, startling application of Artificial Intelligence.

These authors, from the University of Michigan, concluded that their study provided:

The current study, reported in Cell Systems, uses a unique method to try and untangle the ISR’s response.

Let’s begin with a quick definition, a nature prescription is a recommendation to a patient to “spend a fixed amount of time a week in a natural setting, such as a park.” It is most frequently an adjunctive treatment, perhaps like “you need to los

It is no secret that modern high-sugar diets have systematically harmed humans’ dental health. Around a third of the global population suffer from tooth decay, despite the availability of effective, low-cost measures to prevent it.