Food & Nutrition

As the story goes, British pilots used bilberries to shoot down German fighters during World War II. But they didn’t fire them out of their guns. They ate them. In the form of jam.
Americans seem to be consuming less sugar, because we are consuming fewer calories. Can labeling that notes "added sugars" bend the curve even more?
Commonly known as “Japanese horseradish,” wasabi is a member of the mustard family and is noted for the short-term burning sensation it produces in the nasal cavity. But historically, wasabi served a purpose other than adding a spicy flavor to raw fish.
We now have another global study from The Lancet showing the effect of diet on global health. Spoiler Alert: Salt is still bad, but diets high in red meat have the least effect. But the real purpose of the study is to set the table, as it were, for a change in policy. If the cost of drugs is too high, not to worry. Food is the new medicine.
Does "100% Parmesan" really mean 100% Parmesan? Or are there fillers used ... like ... wood chips?!
The byproducts of dry-cured ham may be a source of anti-hypertensive bioactive peptides, which could help improve cardiovascular health.
We know health's basics including making good choices about nutritious foods. That said, are subsidies and large scale federal programs the best way to support healthful choices?
There's currently no way to tell whether frozen food has stayed frozen during the journey from its original source to your local supermarket freezer. But a group of chemists from India has used chemistry and nanotechnology to come up with an environmentally friendly biosensor. The device may be useful in determining the integrity of frozen food by a simple color change.
Can an algorithm prescribe a healthier diet? The short answer: Just a little better than the flip of a coin, or that printed diet you found on the Internet.
The name has nothing to do with fish, but there is a relationship with pigs. Salmonella actually refers to a species of bacteria that inhabit the intestines of people and animals, along with a large variety of other bacteria.
Saturated fats are not one monolithic group. Understanding this makes us reconsider nutritional guidelines. So, consumed in moderation, ice cream is back on the menu.
In the rush to show the ill effects of Brexit, the British Medical Journal published a piece saying that reduced consumption of fruits and vegetables will be responsible for thousands of UK citizens dying unnecessarily. If it were true -- and it is not -- perhaps mentioning it before the vote would have been helpful.