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When an unpublished study morphs into a health headline, you can pretty safely assume what you are about to read can be taken with a huge pinch of salt.
Consider the phrase, “you are what you eat.” While most frequently, it is applied to our diet’s effect on our health or our microbiome, can diet play a more significant role in evolution’s play?
By Brooke Russell, Texas A&M University
As the call for eating less red-meat grows, the substitutes are raising their game. I have written about the Impossible Burger and I see that a Beyond Chicken is being introduced by the Colonel.
It’s hard to overstate the keto diet fever that has been gripping the US. And it’s not just West and East coast, but all over. Yelp’s data analysis team identified Portland, Phoenix, Austin and Dallas as the top U.S.
Oooh I do love to hear how a penchant for red wine might do a person (me) good!
Many of us overeat, as reflected in rising BMIs. It is a problem quickly solved theoretically by calorie reduction, although in practice it is a tougher problem.
Heard the one about fruit being unhealthy because it has much higher sugar levels than it did in the good ol’ days?
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