Food & Nutrition

According to PETA, veggie burgers cause cancer because of their iron content. Using their logic, so does soy and spinach.
Quickly following on the heels of news that salt should be used in moderation, it turns out that the same is true for our latest dietary villain: carbohydrates. It also turns out that too few can be just as bad as too many.
There's concern that our sources of dietary protein are not sustainable and alternatives are sought. Among them: insects. A new report looks at their benefits and risks as a dietary staple. 
It seems that salt's association blood pressure and heart disease along with the recommended amount of salt needs to be reconsidered in light of this new study.
Our bodies break down carbohydrates and starches you eat into a simple sugar called glucose, which is transported from the bloodstream into our cells by the hormone insulin where it can be used for energy. Insulin also signals the liver to stop producing sugar.
Unless it's a strategic resource, like food, energy, or science, we're all for letting the free market find the best solution. If supplement hucksters can have an easier time in a dictatorship like China, this is one time we should have no problem letting communism win.
A new study found that smokers consumed around 200 more calories per day than both non-smokers or former smokers. And that's despite eating smaller food portions. And what that means is that they engage in more snacking, and treating treats like meals.
The cost of the annual cookout is down. But as we thank our farmers we should remember that what is good for the consumer may not be as good for the producer.
Data mining genomic data is a growing trend. This study seeks to determine whether nature or nurture control who gets ill. Turns out, it's complicated, and genes may not hold all – or any – of the answers.
Who doesn't love the idea of quick and easy weight loss? Imagine being able to eat nothing but ice cream, and still losing 10 pounds. It sounds a little too good to be true, and that's because it is. Weight loss is a $66 billion dollar industry, and one of the most advertised, according to U.S. Weight Loss & Diet Control Market.
Coffee is alternately championed and derided for its health effects. A new study introduces the genetics of caffeine metabolism into the conversation. 
Round. Red. Good in salads and great on a BLT. Tomatoes are a typical find in the kitchens of families in the United States, so popular we are the world’s third largest producer of them. Though some people like to engage in the “tuh-MAY-toh” versus “tuh-MAH-toh” debate, the more popular question when it comes to tomatoes has to do with their classification. Are the circular plants vegetables or fruits? We're going to answer that once and for all. Maybe. Because science, history, and law create a lot of confusion.