Food & Nutrition

Sometimes spoiled foods smell bad, warning us not to eat them. But sometimes contamination with bacteria or degradation because of being held too long or at the wrong temperature aren't obvious. And thus consuming raw foods can be a bit like Russian roulette. A new method —a bioelectronic nose — of testing raw seafood, especially oysters, has been devised and could help prevent at least some cases of food-borne illness.
If all the early hype is true, then Amazon Go, the giant retailer's new high-tech store, is a food shopper's dream. Just think, no money, no credit/debit cards. Just you and your smartphone (with the app, of course). While it's surely a technological wonder, what it's not is a supermarket.
The rules governing customer risk and the responsibilities of Colorado ski resorts have placed the burden squarely on skiers and snowboarders. So in terms of skier safety, exercising greater caution on the slopes is now even more important than ever before.
Actress Zooey Deschanel has a new startup — The Farm Project. In her latest video episode she urges consumers to stop buying produce from the grocery store — unless it's organic.
Activists repeat a lie often, get it re-tweeted and soon it's the truth for those who major in Confirmation Bias at Google University. That's likely the only explanation why Farm Animal Investment Risk and Return, basically an anti-meat investment group, released new material prompting regulators to put a "sin" tax on meat.
Now with more than 35 million participants nationwide, yoga's popularity surge has prompted researchers to study whether "hot" yoga, conducted in a 100-degree studio, is more beneficial for healthy, middle-aged adults than sessions held at room temperature. The study, the first of its kind say its authors, produced intriguing results.
Switzerland believes the practice of throwing a live lobster in a pot of boiling water is mean-spirited, and most of all, cruel. Lawmakers in that landlocked European country actually passed a law recently, banning that particular crustacean toss – even though science has shown that lobsters cannot feel pain. 
Some say that energy drinks are the worst thing that you can do to your body, and that they cause everything from nausea to seizures. But the fears are overdone. Way overdone. Here's why.
Two physicians studied the effect of Thunder Mountain, a Disney World roller coaster, on kidney stones. They wanted to know whether these crystals, that form in the organ, would move due to forces outside the body. Here's what they found.
Vegans avoid eating animal products for many reasons — including supposed nutritional and environmental benefits. But while animals might be grateful, some people who are getting priced out of the market for high protein grains and some vegetable products most likely are not.
The business of sleep continues to break new ground. To what end, that's hard to say. Here are some hi-tech sheets, mattresses, pillows and other products to consider, that one manufacturer and one NBA team say is worth added cost. 
Some new research may fuel a diet craze — for whole eggs of all things. A study in young men indicates that after resistance exercise, eating whole eggs promotes new muscle formation better than just eating egg whites, even when the amount of protein is the same.