Food & Nutrition

From the data that told you vegetarian mothers create drug-addled children, we now learn that vegetarian fathers are depressed. Is it the kids or the diet?
If you're inviting gramps over for a steak dinner, don't give him the rare part. French researchers found that protein from beef is best assimilated by older folks when it's well-done.
Why? Because nutrition recommendations are not static. First eggs are verboten, then they're ok, for example. Such changes will continue to occur since nutrition research keeps being updated.
The term "vitamin" is so common that you'd expect most people to know what it is. However, if that were true we wouldn't have phony vitamins like "B17" being sold on the Internet. The lesson is that you can't just call something a vitamin – and have it be one. Here's how you can tell the two kinds apart.
The kettlebell is one of the least known, most mysterious pieces of exercise equipment there is. Yet it's excellent at toning muscles all over, and it burns calories quickly and efficiently while simultaneously producing cardio and strength benefits. In fact, many people swear that this odd, dopey object has fortified their exercise mentality.
Food waste is a real problem, but this study of what happens to household food doesn't provide answers. It does, however, tell us a bit about what we do with our food. 
Since 1990 when health claims on foods were first authorized, the FDA has never reversed a decision to allow one. But it's in the process of doing so now — the one that links soy protein to a reduced risk of heart disease.
Given these two hot-button topics, no doubt you'll be hearing plenty about the finding of this study in the coming days. So before you're repeatedly told by the misinformed, that smoking more pot leads to having more sex, you should know this connection is not as strong or direct as the headlines might suggest.
There is no right answer to this question. That's because it depends on who you ask, a farmer or a chemist. And even then it's not always straightforward. 
Philadelphia has opted to tax sugar-sweetened beverages, which, one might expect, will raise the price consumers must pay. But at the city's airport, at least, stores that aren't in the taxation area also raised their prices.  
British researchers say it's time to invert the debilitating, pervasive mindset that gives older adults permission to accept that "I'm getting older, so I better stop being active and start getting used to slowing down." Instead, they say that it's not getting older that stops one from being active, but it's that being inactive accelerates the process of getting old.
Can body weight, or weight-loss attempts for that matter, be affected by eating 3 meals daily as opposed to simply "grazing" on mini-meals throughout the day? New data from Australia suggests that for women, at least, grazers run a bigger risk of being overweight or obese.