To Toronto Star, George Soros Good, Koch Bad

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In the Toronto Star Olivia Ward cites the Council, but only as a nonsensical counterpoint to a loving endorsement of the Natural Resources Defense Council in her advocacy against the proposed Keystone XL Pipeline and anything else that keeps energy for poor people at reasonable cost.

The Koch brothers get condemned - They are intensively behind think tanks and institutions that support the pipeline, says Danielle Droitsch of the Natural Resources Defense Council in Washington, D.C. - and then organizations that actually support science are dismissed.

Kenneth Green of the Fraser Institute, a scientist rather than a fundraiser like Droitsch, is rebutted by Greenpeace, of all things.

Green is affiliated with Koch-funded denial groups like the Heartland Institute, the American Council on Science and Health as a science advisor and the Reason Foundation, of which David Koch is a trustee, says Connor Gibson of Greenpeace USA, who tracks and documents groups that oppose climate change legislation.

In other words, Greenpeace does not track science, they simply imply that anyone who disagrees with their agenda is funded by the Koch brothers. And fact checkers are not needed.

Did Ward actually engage in any skepticism about whether or not the Council has received funding from the Koch brothers? No, Green being a scientist is all the condemnation a partisan journalist engaging in framing the discussion needs.

Who funds NRDC and Greenpeace? George Soros, who has also amassed a great deal of wealth investing in fossil fuels. But if you are in the public relations business, Soros good, Koch bad.