The "all-natural" food craze has extended to pets, with some companies making raw meat products for dogs and cats. Recent research makes us question the wisdom of such a practice, since some raw cat foods are contaminated with antibiotic-resistant bacteria. That, of course, could spread to pet owners.  
Some members of the Old Order of Amish carry a gene mutation that helps them live longer and avoid some of the health problems of aging. Having one copy of the mutation is associated with longer telomeres and less risk of developing diabetes.
The California Department of Public Health says that there's been a 34 percent increase in the number of cases of valley fever over the past year. Nobody seems to know why.
New research has determined that testicular cancer stem cells are more capable of responding to chemotherapy, and they do so better than stem cells in other forms of cancer. This effectiveness takes place with testicular cancer even after it metastasizes.
Women with hormone receptor-positive breast cancers are commonly treated post-surgery for five years with drugs that interfere with the hormone-tumor interaction. But sometimes the cancer reoccurs, and the initial tumor and lymph node status seems to be important in determining who would be at the greatest risk of recurrence.
Twitter, the social media device that often produces a toxic mixture of snark and narcissism, rarely bringing out the best in people. But scientists studying the platform are searching for a useful signal: A predictor of mental illness.
This article, written by Dr. Alex Berezow, was cited by New York Daily News. Obviously, measles outbreaks are garnering a lot of national attention. People seem to have forgotten that, at one time, measles killed thousands of Americans every single year. To this day, measles kills more than 100,000 people around the world annually. But without a doubt, health officials –- especially those who trek to remote and sometimes dangerous locations to administer vaccines – are true public servants.
Truth is stranger than fiction. House of Cards has been cancelled. MSNBC fired journalist Mark Halperin. The long-anticipated Russia investigation has resulted in its first charges. And a dog bit my dad in the butt. What do you do when a dog bites you?
Current conservation policies often clash with public health initiatives in the developing world but they get little attention. There are real harms in advocating water and energy conservation over people.
People with or recovering from pancreatic diseases may develop a third type of diabetes — diabetes 3c. But a recent English study suggests that clinicians often misdiagnose this condition, and thus might not treat it appropriately.
Roughly 50 percent of patients with mild cognitive impairments develop Alzheimer's dementia. A recent study sheds some light on what physicians can tell their patients.
HPV-associated head and neck cancers are disproportionately higher in men. A recent study, published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, investigated the prevalence of HPV infections in the U.S. population. It also addressed how prevalent oral HPV infections were in those with concomitant genital HPV infections.