Food & Nutrition

Chances are, on the back of many an ice cream tub, you will see something that reads “modified milk ingredients” in addition to any "cream" or "milk" you expect to see. So what are these?
A study of the health effects of alcohol separates the population by a genetic difference: the ability to metabolize alcohol. Researchers found no benefit to drinking, moderate or not. Is it true? Maybe if you're Chinese.
The New York Times recently swallowed whole a study which concluded that those who eat meat die 23% more quickly than those who don't. But the meat study sounded fishy. And it was. ACSH advisor and expert biostatistician Dr. Stan Young turns the meat study into hamburger.
A new study links propionate, a food preservative, to alterations in our metabolism, increasing the production of glucose, at least in one mammal: mice. The evidence of an effect on humans is based on 14 lean humans and two meals.
The maker of Keto Breads, allegedly "the world's healthiest bread," claims that all the other bread out there causes autoimmune disease and leaky gut syndrome. The former claim is risible and the latter is "not a recognized medical diagnosis."
As the story goes, British pilots used bilberries to shoot down German fighters during World War II. But they didn’t fire them out of their guns. They ate them. In the form of jam.
Americans seem to be consuming less sugar, because we are consuming fewer calories. Can labeling that notes "added sugars" bend the curve even more?
Commonly known as “Japanese horseradish,” wasabi is a member of the mustard family and is noted for the short-term burning sensation it produces in the nasal cavity. But historically, wasabi served a purpose other than adding a spicy flavor to raw fish.
We now have another global study from The Lancet showing the effect of diet on global health. Spoiler Alert: Salt is still bad, but diets high in red meat have the least effect. But the real purpose of the study is to set the table, as it were, for a change in policy. If the cost of drugs is too high, not to worry. Food is the new medicine.
Does "100% Parmesan" really mean 100% Parmesan? Or are there fillers used ... like ... wood chips?!
The byproducts of dry-cured ham may be a source of anti-hypertensive bioactive peptides, which could help improve cardiovascular health.
We know health's basics including making good choices about nutritious foods. That said, are subsidies and large scale federal programs the best way to support healthful choices?