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The following is reprinted courtesy of The Conversation and features one of our writers, Katie Suleta,
Earlier this month, The Wall Street Journal published an article on the impact of ultra-processed foods on our brains.
William 'Bill' Post died last month at the age of 96. It is unlikely that you have heard of him but it's absolutely impossible to be unaware of his quintessential contribution to American cuisine – the Pop Tart. 
“Twelve percent of the global human population is undernourished, and acute protein deficiency in low-income countries is compromising workforce productivity and development.”
I have written about attempts to eat our way to health through more nutritious diets.
It’s Pi Day. Could there be a better opportunity to share my recipe for the world’s best Key Lime Pi(e)? I say no.
“Urban farms … are typically celebrated for their diversity, low rates of fertilizers and pesticide use, and reduced food transport emissions…[and are] often seen as a hopeful counter to the resource-intensive monoculture model of co
As published in the Lancet, it is expected that by 2050, over 152 million people will be living with dementia.
As the world gets fatter, we’re putting less effort into effectively preventing and treating obesity. The evidence of this horrifying correlation is everywhere.
  “So just to get started, we know that an overall healthy dietary pattern has the potential to lower cancer risk by 10% to 20%, which seems like a lot to me.”
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