Harm Reduction

Dr. Josh Axe’s Detox Your Liver: A 6-Step Liver Cleanse.
As we grappled with the pandemic in 2021, reports to the FDA of disruptive and sometimes violent airline passengers surged to unheard-of levels – almost 6,000, more than double any other year.
The conversation opened with John Batchelor highlighting the pervasive role of data in contemporary life, particularly in healthcare.
“Just got the following email from KinderFarms, a "natural" kid's medicine company that objects to all the "unnatural" things found in children's OTC medications.
I explained that excessive consumption of rich and high-salt foods and alcohol can lead to symptoms such as dangerous irregular heart rhythms and shortness of breath. Lars wondered whether these habits were becoming more or less prevalent.
Recently, 42 attorneys-general banded together to sue Meta, its minions, and compatriots (the “Meta-monde”) for harming teens, including causing suicide, anorexia, and depression.
Next Tuesday, the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions (HELP) is scheduled to consider 
I described the vaccine approval process, noting that the FDA evaluates the safety and efficacy while the CDC recommends the appropriate recipients.
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