Harm Reduction

This is a water bear, discovered by Johan Goeze in 1773 and renamed for its bear-like appearance and movement a tardigrade (“slow steppers”)  by Lazzaro Spallanzani.
Table saws are responsible for over 4,000 finger amputations annually. That is more than the carnage from all the other tools tracked by the Consumer Protection Safety Commission (CPSC).
This, in essence, is the lament of neurologist Adina Wise over the game and spectator sport of football, now known to cause serious inju
Formaldehyde is important in many manufacturing processes; it is released when things burn, e.g., car exhaust and forest fires, and is slowly released from consumer products, including composite wood products and paints.
One of the early applications of AI in medicine has been the widespread adoption of early warning systems integrated into ongoing hospitalization.
I just watched the highly praised film, “Oppenheimer,” which got me musing about history, my own and America’s. 
“When AI contributes to patient injury, who will be held responsible?”
“Chicago is estimated to have nearly 400,000 lead service lines (where one line serves approximately one household), the most of any US city.
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