Harm Reduction

When Jay Westerveld wrote his essay in 1986 about the hotel’s reuse of towels to save the environment, he noted that towel reuse saved laundry costs but had little to no effect in reducing e
Conduct problems “that violate the rights of others and conflict with societal norms” are estimated to impact nearly 6% of children and adolescents globally, making it a typical “mental health difficulty.” In children, these conduct problems are o
Health coaching as a profession is exploding.
You can find the original article and comments here. Tritium dilution
America’s Frontline Doctors continue to recommend treatments that have been studied and determined not to work.
The study reported in JAMA Network Open looked at 314,763 patient visits involving 42% non-Hispanic Whites, 33.8% non-Hispanic Blacks, and 21.1% Hispanics.
ACSH believes that smoking is bad for you and that switching to nicotine vaping is a form of harm reduction for those smoking. We do not advocate for consuming nicotine in any form.
“It depends” begins with who is providing the ambulance, a government agency or private company, your health insurance or lack of same, your state, and whether you are in a rural or urban area.
During the years that the COVID-19 pandemic was murderously sweeping the world, it killed about seven million — more than 1.1 million
The study looks at the risk of disease and healthcare utilization for a population in Los Angeles participating in UCLA’s ATLAS Community Health Initiative.
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