Harm Reduction

The concern of over-aggressive prosecution of alleged abusers is not new, although it is gaining prominence. Various medical conditions may mimic the appearance of an abused child, leading to erroneous conclusions.
In a May Senate hearing, Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) managed to extract from the deputy energy secretary three critical admissions concerning emissions.
The quotation has been ascribed to various Eastern thought leaders, from the Buddha to Rumi, a Sufi mystic. In truth, there are references in Eastern literature where the gates expand to five, where the expression of monks is described as
As Stat reports, Senators Manchin and Markey have
In November 2020, voters in Oregon approved Measure 110, which effectively decriminalized the possession of federally i
The review involved 319 randomized controlled studies involving adults smoking tobacco at the time of entry, using one of the “approved pharmacotherapies and tec
First, there are some caveats and limitations to the stu
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