Harm Reduction

I am not a big fan of electronic health records (EHRs), at least as they are presently designed. They are more billing platforms than clinical data repositories, easily accessible to clinicians.
Even the casual New Yorker is aware that Asians seem to wear masks covering their mouth and nose in greater numbers than other groups. That behavior was true prior to COVID and has persisted.
Artificial intelligence is a field of misnomers beginning with its very name.
To achieve that more accurate quantification of the number of daily steps that might lead to better health, the researchers did a meta-analysis seeking to
Lars, not a veteran himself, expressed his strong support for veterans and his desire to see them receive the best care during their military service and thereafter. He alluded to a past Veterans Administration (VA) initiative that 
Pesticides used in agriculture have long been the subject of controversy and misinformation – and attracted the attention of regulators.
When it comes to healthcare, “there’s an app for that.”
“People sometimes avoid information about the impact of their actions as an excuse to be selfish.
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