Food & Nutrition

This past month, Stanford Medicine posted the following press release headline: “A Stanford Medicine-led trial of identical twins comparing vegan and omnivore diets found that a vegan diet improves overall cardiovascular health.”
Walk down the baby food aisle in your supermarket, and you'll surely run into the “Toddler Milk” display. Every parent or grandparent wants the best for their child, and a product specially geared to a toddler's needs seems enticing. Don’t be fooled.
The weight loss drugs Wegovy and Ozempic portend a massive impact on the “obesity epidemic.”  Users may even be able to get insurance coverage, as the FDA just approved a third drug specifically for weight loss treatment, signaling greater coverage for all drugs in the class. Sounds promising, right? But, alas, there are unintended consequences.
Those buildings we call supermarkets are laid out to encourage us to buy. It is not a coincidence that magazines and candy are displayed at the register, nor the fact that the food you really want is in the back, so you have to transverse the whole store to find it. Are our online purchases, without that physical organization, the same? Short answer: no.
Sleazy manufacturing and marketing practices are hardly news when it comes to the dietary supplements industry. But a company called Evig, which makes Balance of Nature supplements, seems to want to take it a step further. Actually, several steps …
It's irrelevant whether you like turkey or not because someone is going to be handing you a plate of it very soon. And after the meal, there's a good chance that you'll get sleepy. But will the cause of your drowsiness be the turkey, the booze, or your brother-in-law's tedious commentary about his golf game?
Evidently, more and more of us are abandoning Dr. Google and seeking medical advice ... from Dr. TikTok. Highly caffeinated drinks will no longer be the go-to lift. That's because we now have adrenal cocktails developed to treat the mythical disease of adrenal fatigue. PT Barnum strikes again.
The perils of Thanksgiving! Hellish traffic, Aunt Gertrude's bunions, and a whole bunch of toxic chemicals. We are all doomed.
The British broadcaster has become part of a cynical anti-science collaboration.
We are all aware of the environmental impact of the livestock consumed globally. And many suggest that a plant-based diet is more healthful for humans. But what are the environmental “paw prints” on society’s freeloaders, the dogs and cats? A new study considers the advantages of making them pursue a vegan diet.
Several pro-science NGOs are trying to expand Africa's access to modern farming technologies, including biotech crops and pesticides. The Marxist busybodies at Jacobin would rather poor people across the continent go hungry.
Could the news on the environment get any worse? Every day, we are inundated by stories about extreme weather events, including floods, hurricanes, extreme heat, a global water crisis due to severe droughts, and a food crisis resulting from declining land suitable for agriculture. But there is some good news to report. Innovation is driving solutions to many of these problems. Perhaps the situation is not as dire as the news reports.